March 2020

Looking Forward to 2020 and beyond

2019: Big Changes

Since our merger in 2011, MACLT has been closely associated with Common Wealth Development. In recent years, MACLT’s operations became more dependent on Common Wealth Development, which became a challenge to manage. In 2019, the MACLT board decided it was in the best interest of our membership as well as future homeowners to separate from Common Wealth Development. During 2019 MACLT revised bylaws, reorganized the board of directors, and is now in the process of planning and visioning for the future. The transition into 2020 has also involved relocating the office to the northside of Madison, sharing space with Rooted, Inc., and contracting for bookkeeping services from Rooted. 

2020: The Year Ahead

The goals for the first quarter of 2020 are to redesign the website, update membership and home sales materials, and to modernize our membership communication with a stronger presence on social media, and expanding real time website and newsletter communication. 

New location: 

MACLT is partnering now sharing space at the Rooted office at

2702 International Lane, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53704

But as of March 2020, staff are working from home. They can still be reached at the contact information below.


  • Karen: (608) 571-4170 | karen [at] maclt [dot] org
  • Olivia: (608) 285-2691 | olivia [at] maclt [dot] org

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