November 2022

Shop Local this Saturday with MACLT

The State Street Coloring Book makes a great holiday gift for just $15.   

For Small Business Saturday, we’re hosting a fundraiser in partnership with one of our affordable homeowners, Doug Haynes! Doug recently published the State Street Adult Coloring Book. You can buy a signed copy that supports MACLT through the link here. It makes a great holiday gift for people who love Madison! Half the purchase price for each book will be donated to MACLT.

  Doug and his family have lived in their MACLT home for over 20 years, and their daughter lived in the home from the time she was a baby until she moved into the dorm at UW.

  Doug Says:

I am grateful that we were able to buy our home.  It has provided long term financial stability. We were able to save for my daughter’s college and our retirement.  Without this home our life might have taken a very different trajectory. 

I am a visual artist and my studio is located in our home. Having a stable base has facilitated my work. Several of my art projects were facilitated by this location. For example the site where I drew the State Street Coloring Book is a 10 minute bike ride from my home.

Living in a MACLT home has filled our need for housing without being an insurmountable financial investment. I am grateful that I was able to get my housing needs met without putting myself deep in debt. Putting all one’s financial nest egg in a home would make it difficult to achieve other financial goals.

Support Doug and MACLT this Shop Local Saturday by buying the Coloring Book today!

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